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Lottery Goes Against Canadian Values

Canada’s ‘merit-based’ system is no more. In 2017 the Liberal Government implemented a LOTTERY to reunite with parents. No immigrant is ever told that after years of hard work to gain Canadian residency status, they will be left to a chance to have their parents beside them. The fact is, Canadian government never really cared for immigrants parents, and did bare minimum to reunite families.

Government Claims vs Reality

In November 2011 a public announcement stated that “Action must be taken to cut the backlog, reduce the wait times, and ensure that the parents and grandparents program is sustainable over the long run. <…> We anticipate that in about two years, following our consultations, Phase II of our Action Plan for Faster Family Reunification will come into effect, ensuring that future applicants are processed quickly and that the program can operate on an efficient and sustainable basis.”[source]

– Claim: “Cut The Backlog”

Prior to the reform the backlog consisted of 160,000 people and included ALL interested individuals and reflected true number of people waiting for family reunion. Once a person considered themselves eligible, they applied, and their application was accepted on first-come, first-served basis. Everyone was able to apply, their documents were placed in a fair queue by the date of application received, and were processed in such order.

After the reform most applications were returned, and people were asked to re-apply.  Now only 10,000 applications are accepted randomly each year, and the rest have to wait until next year (and next, and the year after…) to try their luck again. While the official backlog is now about 40,000 people, there are over 100,000 people trying to get into the “official backlog list”. You have only about 10% chance to be selected in a given year.

True results of the reform: the true backlog size has not really changed. Instead of a single queue there are now an “official” and “unofficial” queues of people waiting to sponsor their parents.

– Claim: “Reduce The Wait Times”

Prior to the reform all applications were accepted as soon as people desired to apply. The wait time reflected the time from the moment you submitted the application to receiving a final response, and was about 7 years.

After the reform your wait time on average will be about 15 (fifteen) years to sponsor your parents. The applications are no longer accepted in the order of submission, but are selected randomly. Because it’s a lottery, you may NEVER be selected to sponsor your parents at all, or when you are accepted they will become too old to pass the medical test. While the official number says just 12 months of processing, it considers it only from the moment you are accepted into the “official” queue. The truth is, you now have a very small chance of actually being added to the official backlog, and many people who became eligible AFTER you, may be randomly selected to apply BEFORE you.

True results of the reform: it got worse. Many families will NEVER be able to reunite, and the government is not telling anyone about this.

– Claim: “Sustainable Over The Long Run”

Prior to the reform the number of people wanting to sponsor their parents was growing every year.

After the reform it is still the same. The new process did not become more efficient, the number of people will continue to grow.

True results of the reform: the process is LESS sustainable with the lottery. Prior to the reform families could plan their future and anticipate when their family may arrive to Canada. After the reform families can no longer plan their lives, and many will never be reunited with their families.

Lottery is NOT a Fair System

Government claims that lottery is implemented to make the system more fair. In fact, it DECREASES overall fairness, because:
– If person A is eligible and was applying for 10 years, and person B becomes eligible only then, there is a chance person B will be selected to apply before person A.
– Many eligible individuals will NEVER be selected to apply at all – this is supported by math.


Are You Against The Lottery?

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